Enjoy the most desirable furnished corporate housing apartments available for short-term rent.

There are numerous reasons to need fully furnished apartments for short term rentals. Are you in need of a housing facility for a day, a week, a month, or longer in the medical center area in Houston? Houston corporate housing connects you with furnished apartments and short-term rentals. Once you find a short term corporate a residence, there’s really nothing left for you to worry about. Wherever the location or no matter the size of the family or their specific needs, they can provide fully furnished housing options that will feel like a home away from home!

Fully furnished corporate apartments for rent, short term rentals, and temporary housing are suitable for medical staff, patients, employees in large enterprises, government agencies, military personnel, and extended stay business travelers. They understand what’s important to customers and also have the experience to deal carefully with people who are facing a significant inconvenience or trying to manage their way through a tragedy. They are dedicated to offering reliable staying solutions that work best for you on your way. If you are a buyer or a seller in transition or come to Houston for medical treatments or on a job assignment or relocating, you can count on furnished corporate housing for temporary housing.

Are you planning for a short term stay at one of the corporate housing in Houston Medical Center? Houston corporate housing offers you an excellent selection of well-furnished accommodation that meets your needs. All the furnished corporate accommodation comes with most of the amenities you want, including the best housekeeping services. For the client’s flexibility, corporate housing Houston Medical Center also offers the best location information (nearby restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, etc.), metro/public transportation access, and 24-hour concierge in most of its locations.

Are you coming for a medical checkup or want short term stay for business in Houston and wish to remain in a location where walkability is essential? The corporate housing Houston Medical Center offers you a choice of top-rated staying facilities close to medical, corporate housing, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. They are convenient for communication or public transport as well. Make sure you will get the fully furnished apartments for rent you need at a price that fits your budget as well. If you’re concerned about cost, then the Houston corporate housing and apartments offer you outstanding value when compared to a traditional hotel or extended stay hotel.

Are you looking for the latest in amenities and services? Are you looking for a stylish hotel-like living atmosphere or prefer to stay in a home away from home? Corporate housing Houston Medical Center assures you meet all your needs with its comfort of fully accessorized apartments. The corporate apartments for short term stays have a selection of fully furnished apartments for rent located in Houston. What’s more, a well-equipped kitchen allows you? It helps you live in a lavished hotel-like environment and save your money if you choose to avoid dining out. Here you’ll find everything you need including housewares to well-appointed furniture packages. In addition to the kitchen, the furnished corporate housing in Houston offers very stylish furniture, high-quality bed linen, towels and toiletries, and first-class home entertainment, including the Internet.

Comfortable Home Furnished apartments work with a mission to help you find the perfect short-term housing solution irrespective of your stay for a medical check-up, business trip, temporarily relocating, or just taking an extended vacation. For more information about short term Houston corporate housing, please call them at 713-487-7990 today!

Top Restaurants Near Houston Med Center

Also known as the Houston Med Center – The Texas Medical Center is the biggest medical complex in the globe, spanning nearly fifty million square feet & employing over 100,000 people. With so many medical staff, patients, office personnel, and visitors coming in & out of the area every day, there’s no scarcity of fine places to eat. Being a leading supplier of Houston medical center furnished apartments for rent, we know the places to eat in the Houston Med Center. Let us guide you through:

Tinys No. 5:

Just a brief ride from the Texas Medical Center, Tinys No. 5 is a quiet place to meet with a colleague or old friends far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The restaurant’s elegant décor, huge windows, quiet outdoor patio and elegant décor are a stark contrast to the fluorescent-lit hospitals corridors, busy waiting rooms and gigantic medical office buildings. The natural light and open-air feel make this eatery an excellent spot for a laidback chat or off-site work meeting with your colleagues.

Fellini Caffè:

This is the place where you should be if you’re looking for a cozy Italian café in Houston. The espresso drinks and coffee here in this restaurant are the best in terms of quality. The eatery also has plenty of dessert choices alongside tea options for non-coffee drinkers.

The Hobbit Café:

People that are looking for the best burger joint in Houston should head to The Hobbit Café. The burgers here are made with such fresh, jovial ingredients; it makes you visit the restaurant again and again. In place of typical iceberg lettuce, the burgers here are topped with mixed greens.
If you are looking for affordable furnished apartments for rent in Medical Center Houston, you are in the right place. Here at Comfy Houston, we specialized in offering fully furnished short-term apartments in Houston Medical Center. Short or long term stays, we can handle it all. Get in touch with us now to check out our luxury furnished apartments in Houston medical center.

Why You Should Rent A Furnished Apartment In Houston

If you are a professional or student always on the go for work, the benefits of Houston furnished apartments for rent are a no brainer. A furnished rental apartment can actually be a smart option for almost anybody. Let’s see how a furnished apartment in Houston could be useful for you, from both convenience and cost point of view.

Furnished apartments are ideal for procrastinators. No judgment here – not everybody meticulously plans for relocation months beforehand. If you’re looking for an apartment on short noticed, furnished apartments are the best option. Not just you will have a roof over your head, you will have one outfitted with all the things you wish & require, but might not have the time to purchase.

You will save time on decorating & purchasing furniture. Some people like to spend hours on internet planning the ideal décor for their new home or arranging & rearranging furniture for Feng shui. If you are not one of those people, or you just don’t have the time or resources to do that, a furnished apartment rental is a perfect compromise. You can still enjoy a comfortable, decked space, but without the tension of making it from scratch.

You will get rid of some serious stress related to moving. Don’t need to worry about wrapping your old furniture & paying for movers. Don’t need to stress over measuring each corner & wall of your apartment, looking for the perfect pieces, then finding it hard to organize each one. By considering a furnished apartment rental, you can steer clear of all these headache-inducing errands.

With a furnished apartment in Houston, you don’t have to be committed for a long lease. Leases for furnished apartments are usually much shorter in comparison to conventional leases, so you don’t need to worry about breaking a contract when you are all set to move to another city.

Are you looking for fully furnished apartments for rent in Houston’s most popular business and medical destination? Feel free to get in touch with Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term stay, we have the perfect furnished apartments in Houston for you. Call us today for a free quote on Houston furnished apartments for rent.