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Enjoy the most desirable furnished corporate housing apartments available for short-term rent.

There are numerous reasons to need fully furnished apartments for short term rentals. Are you in need of a housing facility for a day, a week, a month, or longer in the medical center area in Houston? Houston corporate housing connects you with furnished apartments and short-term rentals. Once you find a short term corporate a residence, there’s really nothing left for you to worry about. Wherever the location or no matter the size of the family or their specific needs, they can provide fully furnished housing options that will feel like a home away from home!

Fully furnished corporate apartments for rent, short term rentals, and temporary housing are suitable for medical staff, patients, employees in large enterprises, government agencies, military personnel, and extended stay business travelers. They understand what’s important to customers and also have the experience to deal carefully with people who are facing a significant inconvenience or trying to manage their way through a tragedy. They are dedicated to offering reliable staying solutions that work best for you on your way. If you are a buyer or a seller in transition or come to Houston for medical treatments or on a job assignment or relocating, you can count on furnished corporate housing for temporary housing.

Are you planning for a short term stay at one of the corporate housing in Houston Medical Center? Houston corporate housing offers you an excellent selection of well-furnished accommodation that meets your needs. All the furnished corporate accommodation comes with most of the amenities you want, including the best housekeeping services. For the client’s flexibility, corporate housing Houston Medical Center also offers the best location information (nearby restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, etc.), metro/public transportation access, and 24-hour concierge in most of its locations.

Are you coming for a medical checkup or want short term stay for business in Houston and wish to remain in a location where walkability is essential? The corporate housing Houston Medical Center offers you a choice of top-rated staying facilities close to medical, corporate housing, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping. They are convenient for communication or public transport as well. Make sure you will get the fully furnished apartments for rent you need at a price that fits your budget as well. If you’re concerned about cost, then the Houston corporate housing and apartments offer you outstanding value when compared to a traditional hotel or extended stay hotel.

Are you looking for the latest in amenities and services? Are you looking for a stylish hotel-like living atmosphere or prefer to stay in a home away from home? Corporate housing Houston Medical Center assures you meet all your needs with its comfort of fully accessorized apartments. The corporate apartments for short term stays have a selection of fully furnished apartments for rent located in Houston. What’s more, a well-equipped kitchen allows you? It helps you live in a lavished hotel-like environment and save your money if you choose to avoid dining out. Here you’ll find everything you need including housewares to well-appointed furniture packages. In addition to the kitchen, the furnished corporate housing in Houston offers very stylish furniture, high-quality bed linen, towels and toiletries, and first-class home entertainment, including the Internet.

Comfortable Home Furnished apartments work with a mission to help you find the perfect short-term housing solution irrespective of your stay for a medical check-up, business trip, temporarily relocating, or just taking an extended vacation. For more information about short term Houston corporate housing, please call them at 713-487-7990 today!

Top Restaurants Near Houston Med Center

Also known as the Houston Med Center – The Texas Medical Center is the biggest medical complex in the globe, spanning nearly fifty million square feet & employing over 100,000 people. With so many medical staff, patients, office personnel, and visitors coming in & out of the area every day, there’s no scarcity of fine places to eat. Being a leading supplier of Houston medical center furnished apartments for rent, we know the places to eat in the Houston Med Center. Let us guide you through:

Tinys No. 5:

Just a brief ride from the Texas Medical Center, Tinys No. 5 is a quiet place to meet with a colleague or old friends far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The restaurant’s elegant décor, huge windows, quiet outdoor patio and elegant décor are a stark contrast to the fluorescent-lit hospitals corridors, busy waiting rooms and gigantic medical office buildings. The natural light and open-air feel make this eatery an excellent spot for a laidback chat or off-site work meeting with your colleagues.

Fellini Caffè:

This is the place where you should be if you’re looking for a cozy Italian café in Houston. The espresso drinks and coffee here in this restaurant are the best in terms of quality. The eatery also has plenty of dessert choices alongside tea options for non-coffee drinkers.

The Hobbit Café:

People that are looking for the best burger joint in Houston should head to The Hobbit Café. The burgers here are made with such fresh, jovial ingredients; it makes you visit the restaurant again and again. In place of typical iceberg lettuce, the burgers here are topped with mixed greens.
If you are looking for affordable furnished apartments for rent in Medical Center Houston, you are in the right place. Here at Comfy Houston, we specialized in offering fully furnished short-term apartments in Houston Medical Center. Short or long term stays, we can handle it all. Get in touch with us now to check out our luxury furnished apartments in Houston medical center.

Why You Should Rent A Furnished Apartment In Houston

If you are a professional or student always on the go for work, the benefits of Houston furnished apartments for rent are a no brainer. A furnished rental apartment can actually be a smart option for almost anybody. Let’s see how a furnished apartment in Houston could be useful for you, from both convenience and cost point of view.

Furnished apartments are ideal for procrastinators. No judgment here – not everybody meticulously plans for relocation months beforehand. If you’re looking for an apartment on short noticed, furnished apartments are the best option. Not just you will have a roof over your head, you will have one outfitted with all the things you wish & require, but might not have the time to purchase.

You will save time on decorating & purchasing furniture. Some people like to spend hours on internet planning the ideal décor for their new home or arranging & rearranging furniture for Feng shui. If you are not one of those people, or you just don’t have the time or resources to do that, a furnished apartment rental is a perfect compromise. You can still enjoy a comfortable, decked space, but without the tension of making it from scratch.

You will get rid of some serious stress related to moving. Don’t need to worry about wrapping your old furniture & paying for movers. Don’t need to stress over measuring each corner & wall of your apartment, looking for the perfect pieces, then finding it hard to organize each one. By considering a furnished apartment rental, you can steer clear of all these headache-inducing errands.

With a furnished apartment in Houston, you don’t have to be committed for a long lease. Leases for furnished apartments are usually much shorter in comparison to conventional leases, so you don’t need to worry about breaking a contract when you are all set to move to another city.

Are you looking for fully furnished apartments for rent in Houston’s most popular business and medical destination? Feel free to get in touch with Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term stay, we have the perfect furnished apartments in Houston for you. Call us today for a free quote on Houston furnished apartments for rent.

The Significance of Houston Medical Center Furnished Apartments for Rent

Booking furnished apartments for rent near the Houston Medical Center area is a smart choice. A home-like setting for your long term, short term, or extended stay in the Houston Medical Center eases the initial stress of staying in an unfamiliar place and isdefinitely more comfortable and less expensive.

When you visit the Houston Medical Center to stay up-close to ailing medical patients and families, you generally have different accommodations. You can book a room in a hotel or a Houston Medical Center furnished apartment.

Not only are they affordable, but they are a more comfortable option. Please check out a few reasons why living in a furnished Houston Medical Center apartment is beneficial for you:

Saving time and effort –Mostpeople find it difficult visiting the Houston Medical Center because of all the packing, unpacking, deciding what to take, and what to leave behind. Upon booking your accommodation at a fully furnished apartment, you can have all the comforts and convenience of home away from home.

Affordable lifestyle – An unfurnished apartment may sound cheaper until you consider additional cost of buying living essentials like furniture, kitchen appliances, dryer and washer, etc. Not to mention the long-term leasing requirements unfurnished apartments come with. You also must consider the hassle and expense ofmoving everything in and out when your lease is completed. Furnished apartments are competitive in price when comparing to a hotel room and you can take the advantage of the well-maintained furnishings. It saves you from the trouble of packing and transporting furnishings when you leave.

Spacious and comfortable accommodation – Hotels can have limited space and can be stressful, if you must share the space with your colleagues or family. With Houston Medical Center furnished apartments for rent, you can enjoy the luxury of the space, more privacy, and the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen for a fair price.

Maintenance-free – You can find a furnished housing service provider that offers round the clock availability and an immediate response time. Whether you need help with appliances, plumbing, or cleaning, they are just a phone call away.

Flexible terms – It’s very difficult to find an unfurnished apartment in the Houston Texas Medical center available for short term leasing. Whether you will stay for a few weeks or one month. Furnished Houston Medical Center apartment rentals can provide you with flexible terms like long term, short term, or extended stay.  Thus, it reduces the stress and expense of early termination fees that come with long term unfurnished apartment rentals.

Final consideration –

At ComfortableHome Furnished Apartments, we provide a great choice of top-quality furnished apartments for rent in the Houston Texas Medical Centre area. Our apartments are perfectly located close to the Texas Medical Center, public transit, and area attractions to make your stay enjoyable.

All of our Houston Medical Center apartments for rent are fully furnished ensuring a complete peace of mind and comfort. You can choose an apartment that meets your requirements. Live comfortably in our luxuriously-appointed and affordably-priced furnished apartments for rent.

Call us right now at 713 487 7990 to know the best options for Houston Medical Center apartments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Corporate Apartments Rentals in Houston

Whenplanning a trip to Houston, there are better alternatives to traditional hotels. Fully furnished corporate apartments rentals in Houston can provide you with the enough space, more features, and state-of-the-art amenities. A hotel accommodation is fine for a night or two; but after a while you begin to feel cramped and homesick. It’s almost impossible to feel homesick in Houston furnished apartments rentals because you are surrounded by many features that are homelike.

Are you looking for a place to stay in Houston? Furnished corporate apartments rentals can provide you with more than hotels on many accounts. If you travel to Houston often and always stay in hotelyou may need to rethink things. Just because you’ve stayed in a hotel doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Furnished apartments rentals are enticing accommodations for a variety of reasons.

There are different reasons why you should consider choosing from a Houston furnished apartment rental. Regardless of wherever you’re relocating, in town on business for a few weeks, or for a few days, furnished Houston apartments rentals can be the best option.

They are competitively priced.

Spending a lot of money on hotel accommodations can break your budget quickly. If you need a nice hotel equipped with a lot of amenities, you’re going to spend a great amount of money. Furnished apartments in Houston are competitively priced and are available with flexible leasing terms to save you money.

They are comfortable.

Especially if you are in Houston with your colleagues, a hotel room can seem stuffy. There is not enough room for privacy as it’s an oversized efficiency. No one has their personal room and things can get awkward quickly. Even if you are in Houston with family, you need space and this is why furnished apartment rentals in Houston have become popular.

When you look at furnished apartments rentals in Houston, you can choose from one- and two-bedroom models as per your requirements and preferences. This allows you to bring different people and everyone has their own space. Privacy is of the utmost importance and can provide you with ultimate level of comfort that you can’t find in a hotel – no matter how hard you try.

They feel like home away home.

Lastly you should consider furnished apartments in Houston is because they feel just like home. You will have a huge variety of amenities at your fingertips.

If you want to wash clothes before going out in the morning or you run out of close completely, there is a washer and dryer inside the furnished apartment. This means you don’t need to come up with some crazy outfits and head straight to Laundromat.

In addition to this, they are just like home with regards to the kitchen. You will have dishes, pots, pans and much more available to use. A fully functional and operational kitchen complete with stove and oven will allow you make meals instead of relying on restaurants to provide you with all of your meals. Ultimately, furnished apartments in Houston should be chosen as they are a more spacious and affordable accommodation.

Final consideration –

If you have a choice in the matter when you are in Houston, you should ask for a furnished apartment over a hotel room. Whatever the reason behind your stay, Houston furnished apartments rentals can be your best bet.

Author Information –

This article is written by ComfortableHome Furnished Apartments – which specializes in providing a comprehensive range of furnished apartments rentals in Houston at competitive prices.

6 Best Reasons for Choosing Fully Furnished Apartments Rentals in Houston

If you need a short-term housing solution in Houston for personal or professional reasons, a fully furnished apartment rental may be the best bet. You may be needing to shift your job base to Houston, spending a vacation in a place feeling like your home, handling a job assignment for a few days or weeks, or seeking a comfortable stay near the Houston Texas Medical Center area for treatment. Whatever the reason, you should consider fully furnished apartment rentals in Houston for the comfort and ease they offer at affordable rates. Check out this post to find out more about some of the best advantages these furnished apartment rentals in Houston can provide.  They can be the perfect alternative to your extended stay hotels in the Houston Texas Medical Center, Downtown Houston and other such prime locations.

Sometimes it can be an overwhelming experience to look for temporary accommodations for medical students, interns, and medical patients near the Houston Texas Medical Center or close to corporate sites, shopping destinations, entertainment spots, restaurants etc. And with so many fully furnished apartments’ rentals in Houston ready for a long term and short term occupancy, you are likely to get fully equipped accommodation, making your stay enjoyable every moment. Furnished apartments’ rentals can be a reliable solution even if you have last minute travel plans. Apart from the simple contract process there are many more reasons for choosing  Houston furnished apartments rentals. Six of them are mentioned below:

  1. Furnished Accommodation
    Houston apartments rentals come fully furnished with all the luxuries, basic necessities, and comfort to make you feel at home.
  2. No Stress of Paying Utilities
    Renting furnished apartments in Houston means the all included advantage!  No more stress about keeping up with the utilities.
  3. High Speed Internet and Cable Streaming
    With the rental of a fully furnished apartment in Houston, you get to enjoy high speed internet and cable streaming until the last minute of your stay without any extra charge.
  4. Fast and Simple Lease Process
    Renting a fully furnished apartment does not necessarily have to take a long time, putting you at great discomfort. The lease process will be simple and easy so that your rental experience will be pleasant from begin to end.
  5. Top Class Personalized Service
    Houston furnished apartment rentals provides customer support, taking care of you needs every minute. By paying attention to individual customer details and personalizing them like never before, they assure great customer satisfaction.
  6. No Minimum Stay
    There will be no condition of a minimum stay for many apartment’s rentals in Houston. Regardless of your stay duration, the fully furnished apartment rentals will be an appropriate solution to your temporary accommodation needs.

Comfortable Home offers furnished apartments rentals for everyone, including leisure travelers, corporate executives, medical interns, students and patients. As an expert in providing fully furnished apartment rentals in the Houston, it cares to understand your accommodation needs better and faster. To make your short term stay as enjoyable as possible, consider speaking to a furnished apartment rental specialist in Houston with Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments on 713-487-7990!

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Continue reading How come Families Take pleasure in the casino.

Understand Why Houston Corporate Housing is Always Best for the Business Travelers

One of the greatest concerns for business travelers landing in Houston TX is to find appropriate, affordable and convenient housing for their short-term stay. Each of these corporate travelers’ needs varies in terms of living space, furniture, amenities, transportation and most notably rental conditions and stay duration. Their variable requirements make it often challenging to find a suitable option in the Houston housing sector. They can book a standard hotel or choose an extended stay hotel but many of them are still unaware of the great options Houston corporate housing offers. Houston corporate housing is now available in prime locations of the city that is convenient to the workplace, shopping, amusement parks, and other attractions. And with plenty of furnished apartments nearby corporate locations in Houston, business travelers will be able to find quality housing for the last minute travel plan.

To simplify, Houston corporate housing is fully furnished apartments meant for a convenient stay for corporate travelers. From brooms & mops to the cookstoves and knife in the kitchen, it includes everything that would make the life of the renter easier. Corporate housing in Houston is all bills paid which is perfect for the use of executive travelers, private/government employees, foreign associates, and individuals moving to the city for a new job or anyone who needs a temporary residence with all comforts of home. With top amenities, personalized service, on-call emergency maintenance, and a convenient billing process corporate housing makes short-term stays a stress-free experience for the executive traveler.

Houston corporate housing solutions can be as small as a studio, condo or as large as a single-family house. It has everything from fully-equipped kitchens and executive furniture packages, to washer/dryer and internet. Due to this, corporate housing in Houston serves as a great alternative to extended stay hotels in the city.

For overnight, weekly, monthly or long-term stays in Houston, corporate housing is the right option. A well furnished corporate apartment is normally the least costly option for the most personalized experience with the desired type of living space, comfort, and luxury amenities etc.

Why is Houston Corporate Housing Always Best?

Any stay in the Houston area that is more than a month can be grounds to use a fully furnished corporate apartment. Let’s find out a few other reasons that make it the best choice for executives on a trip to Houston.

1. Convenience in Rental Bill Payment
Corporate housing in Houston allows executive the convenience and ease in rental bill payment. The bill will be sent to the individual or company directly and can be paid through all major credit cards, check, or ACH.

2. Ready for Tenancy
Houston corporate apartments are turn key ready. It can be easily found even last minute.

3. Direct Property Service
Many corporate housing providers in Houston are a direct resource and are ready to meet your long term or short-term stay needs

4. Flexible Rental Terms
Corporate furnished apartments come with flexible rental terms to meet both long-term and short-term housing needs of corporate clients.

5. All-Inclusive Package
The complete housing solution is ensured through corporate furnished apartments so that clients can enjoy life while saving money on their corporate stay. When they use corporate housing, they get access to all kinds of amenities and advantages like all bills paid, TV, internet, free parking, gym and more without paying extra.

Conclusion –
Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments Houston is an expert in offering short-term corporate stay solutions to individuals as well as corporations with flexible choices in locations and conveniences. They are capable to serve corporate relocation and short-term stay needs of clients with personalized service throughout the rental period, easy bill payment, and almost all the comforts of home. To make the corporate stay of your associates, employees or executives comfortable and stress-free with first-rate service, check out the availability of corporate housing in Houston of Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments Houston with just a call at 713-487-7990.

Why should you Book a Furnished Apartment Rental in Houston Over a Hotel?

Are you looking for a classy place to stay in Houston that can save a little money in your pocket? Looking for a great alternative to a costly hotel stay for your short term or long term stay in Houston? How about considering furnished apartment rentals in Houston?

Renting a furnished apartment in Houston instead of a hotel will prove to save money and provide great comfort. Furnished apartments for rent in Houston usually come equipped with advanced and modern appliances, furnishings, and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. This proves great for people who want to enjoy a month long or weeklong stay in Houston.

For many travelers, renting fully equipped apartments by week or month is a great alternative to the hotel for reasons which we are going to discuss in this post. Please have a look!

1. Home away from Home experience:

Renting a furnished apartment in Houston will provide you a comfortable home away from home feeling. Which will help you enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay in an affordable way.

2. Flexible Terms:

You can enjoy the benefits of convenient and flexible terms for renting furnished apartments, such as short term and long-term stays. If you are looking for hotel alternative in Houston for your extended stay, then renting a furnished apartment will provide the best results. For both long term and short term stays in Houston, you should consider renting a fully furnished apartment to enjoy a cost-effective, hassle free and comfortable stay.

3. List of Facilities:

Booking a hotel room with added facilities will cost you more in Houston. Whereas, when you rent a furnished apartment, it offers a wide range of facilities like executive furniture packages, washer/dryer, fully equipped kitchens and more that are all included in the booking price. Renting a furnished apartment in Houston will help you enjoy the advantage of an amazing range of amenities and facilities that will enhance your stay.

Whether you are a student, individual or business professional, renting a fully furnished apartment will provide you the best solutions of enjoying a long-term or short-term stays in Houston.

No doubt, considering furnished apartment rentals in Houston over a hotel stay will prove to be cost-effective and enjoyable.

If you want to book a furnished apartment in Houston for a short term or long-term rental, then rely on Comfortable Home Furnished apartments. Conveniently located in Houston Texas Medical Center, Houston Galleria, Downtown Houston, West Houston Energy Corridor and The Woodlands, our comfortable apartments are the perfect alternative to extended hotel stay.

Contact us today at 713-487-7990 to make a booking!

Top 3 Best Business Conferences to Attend in Houston, TX

Introducing Houston

The fourth-largest city in America – Houston is a cosmopolitan paradise and an award-winning hub for world-class dining opportunities, fine art, opulent hotels, shopping and vibrant nightlife scene. The high-powered, high-cultured and high-heeled metropolis has always something to do throughout the year.

The city of Houston is considered the corporate hub in Texas as the metropolis always hosts business conferences and corporate meetings. If you’re thinking of attend upcoming events in Houston, here is a few events to be held in July 2017 and should be planed accordingly:

1. Houston’s Professional Hangout

Scheduled to be held at Cafe 4212, Houston’s Professional Hangout is a leading destination for all industry professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Attending this event can give you an exceptional networking experience. The Houston’s Professional Hangout is promised to provide great music, an amazing environment, and discounts on a handful of advertising and marketing platforms to help you reach your target market. So, make your reservation now!

Important Details –
Event Name – Houston’s Professional Hangout
Venue – Cafe 4212, Almeda Road, Houston, TX
Date – June 28, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time – 6pm – 10pm CDT

2. Texas CME Conference

The Texas CME Conference is going to be hosted by the Texas Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (TACME) in Houston, Texas. The Texas Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (TACME) is a non-profit organization created to promote quality continuing medical education. It offers incredible opportunities for professional growth and development to commercial companies, individual professionals, and representatives of institutions involved in planning, implementing and supporting continuing medical education (CME) in Texas. This is why the organization will host a conference covering main areas like medical education and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Important Details
Event Name – Texas CME Conference
Venue – The Westin Houston, Memorial City, Houston, USA
Date – June 21 – June 23, 2017

3. 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference

The 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference is more than just a conference as it aims to encourage women and moms to start and grow a small business. Built with collaboration, networking, and real business suggestions, this conference will help women and moms to start and grow profitable ventures. The main objective of this event is to offer an innovative opportunity to learn tools and strategies to build dynamic and engaging businesses, leverage skill, network with other business professionals, and create profitable, sustainable business models. Apart from this, the 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference will honor some of the best business women in Houston.

Important Information
Event Name – 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference
Venue – Hotel Derek, Houston, TX
Date – June 25, 2017 (Sunday)
Time – 11 am – 3 pm

Final Consideration

If you are thinking of attending these events in Houston, choosing fully-furnished apartment rentals in Houston at Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments can be a wise decision. Our furnished apartment rentals come with all necessary furnishing options and are available for immediate occupancy. No matter which event you’re going to attend, our furnished apartment rentals in Downtown Houston can help you experience an ultimate level of comfort, luxury and a home away from home like feel. Aside from this, you can choose one of our furnished apartments near MD Anderson in the Houston Medical Center.

For immediate availability, please visit our website at and contact us online or you can reach us by making a phone call at 713-487-7990! Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, and Twitter social networks!


Rodeo time is upon us! Pack up your favorite pair of jeans and boots to come stay at one of our many luxurious furnished apartments. We are conveniently located within walking distance of NRG Stadium in Houston, TX. We have 1,2 or 3 bedroom fully furnished apartments available to suit any of your needs! Whether it is the amazing food you are coming for, the fun rides, or the action of the live concerts and rodeo we are your place to stay. Our fully furnished apartments bring the comfort of home to you, unlike the bland, overpriced hotel rooms. Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments comes equipped with valet trash services, a complete kitchen stocked with everything you need, as well as personal washer and dryers in the apartments. We have phone, cable and Wi-Fi so you can stay connected. Give us a call today for a tour or pricing!

Super Bowl

Football fans are you ready for Super Bowl 2017 in the great city of Houston??! Well, Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments is ready for you! Come stay in one of our luxury 1, 2 or 3 bedroom fully furnished apartment in Houston Texas for the ultimate Super Bowl experience! Our apartments are conveniently located just walking distance or within 2 miles from NRG Stadium where the game will be held. Instead of staying in a small hotel room, we provide everything you need to relax and have the best experience. Some of our amenities includedin our Houston TX furnished apartments are fully-equipped kitchens, executive furniture packages, internet, cable, washer/dryer, luxury pool, valet trash pickup, complimentary gated parking and much more! We welcome nightly, weekly, monthly or longer term stays to suit any of your needs.4 night minimum and deposits are required for Super Bowl Week.  Call us today to tour or reserve your fully furnished apartment while they last!


With the holidays quickly approaching upon us, many people will be traveling or having family come into town to visit. Let Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments help make the holidays a little bit easier by providing your friends and family with comfortable living spaces that includes a ton of amenities!

We are located in the heart of the Texas Medical center just outside Downtown Houston within walking distance from many attractions for people of all ages. All of our furnished apartments in the Houston medical center are conveniently located and are a great alternative to a hotel. Many attractions are located within walking distance to our Houston Texas medical center furnished apartments. If you love to look at twinkling lights, then the Houston Zoo Lights is where you want to be! They have over 2 million lights put up from now until January 14th. Also, the Holiday Lights Tour takes you all over the city to tour sparkling light attractions from Discovery Green’s Field of Lights, the infamous River Oaks, and Woodland Heights. From now until February 12th you can go ice skating at Discovery Green’s 7,716 square foot outdoor rink. There will also be concerts, movies and more! Just let us know when you would like to schedule a tour of one of our furnished apartments in the Houston medical center!

Museum District

Did you know that Houston’s Museum District has 19 museums with 11 of them free all the time and most within walking distance to each other? Houston’s Museum district attracts over seven million annual visits and is one of the top cultural districts in the country.  The magnificent 445 acre Hermann Park is also within walking distance to the Museum District and not to be missed. For a full list of all the exhibits, performances and events at each museum you will want to visit the official website but here are a few of our favorites.

Houston Museum of Natural Science – 555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston TX. 713-639-4629

Tips: The butterflies in the Cockrell Butterfly Center are not to be missed! Get in Free Thursdays from 3-6 (permanent exhibits only).

The Menil Collection – 1533 Sul Ross, Houston TX. 713-525-9400

Tips: Pack a blanket for a picnic in the park across the street. Free admission always!

The Children’s Museum of Houston – 1500 Binz St, Houston TX. 713-522-1138

Tips: Free family nights Thursday 5 -8pm. All admission fees are waived for the whole family.


For families looking for a weekend staycation Comfortable Home offers fully furnished apartment homes located near the Herman Park and Museum District in Houston Texas. Even couples looking for a romantic getaway will enjoy staying in one of our furnished apartments located near the romantic Hermann Park in Houston Texas. With no minimum stay required and complimentary parking let Comfortable Home take care of your staycation near the Museum District and Hermann Park.

Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments is proud to have sponsored this year

Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments is proud to have sponsored this year’s Baylor College of Medicine’s “Spin for Gyn”.  The indoor spin-cycling fundraising event will directly benefit Baylor College of Medicine’s Woman to Woman gynecology-oncology patient support program, which helps women and families who are suffering from a gynecologic cancer such as ovarian, cervical, endometrial, and others.  “Spin for Gyn” took place Saturday, Sept. 17 from 2 to 5 p.m. at DEFINE Body and Mind’s West University Studio, near the Texas Medical Center in Houston Texas.

“Spin for Gyn will help supply low-income gynecologic patients and their families with resources such as transportation to clinic appointments, wigs to wear during treatment, medical equipment, grocery, gas cards and resources for child care,” said Courtney Vastine, social worker in breast and gynecologic oncology at Baylor.

Football Season is Back

Hot dogs, beer, and football.  Yes that’s right football season is back!!  With the Texans playing at NRG stadium many locals and visitors alike will be making their way to NRG to see their favorite teams play.How does staying a few blocks from NRG sounds? Comfortable Home is happy to provide furnished short term apartments just a few blocks away from NRG in Houston Texas. You will find our furnished apartments the perfect option after spending hours drinking, eating, and watching football. Our furnished apartments located near NRG in Houston Texas will save you money on parking and cabs! Not to mention the convenience of missing all the traffic when the game is done. All of our furnished apartments include utilities, WIFI, cable, and complimentary parking. Fully equipped kitchens for those who enjoy making their own meals is also a nice bonus. With no minimum stay required and competitive rates you will be able to enjoy the game and enjoy your stay with Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments.

Use the Shuttle!

With all this constructions going on in Houston, Texas around The Texas Medical Center, it can be hard to navigate, especially if you are from out of town.  Thousands of patients arrive from all over the world to visit The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas every month and transportation should be easy and not something that adds additional stress!  With the Super Bowl coming to Houston, Texas in early 2017, many of the roads around NRG stadium and the Medical Center are undergoing improvements.  If you are coming in to visit the medical center, stay in a fully furnished apartment by Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments and use the shuttle service that is available at most properties.  Navigate the Houston, Texas roads stress free by just riding the shuttle that will drop you off right at the front door of the hospital you are visiting.  No need to over spend for daily parking in the Texas Medical Center either as most shuttles you can ride either complimentary or for a minimal fee.  Parking in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas runs about $15 per day so you can see how the shuttle is the way to go!   Contact Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments for details on the shuttle schedules and availability of fully furnished apartments in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas

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Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with 5755 Hermann Park Apartments!  As the sole provider of fully furnished apartments at 5755, Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments is now providing luxury accommodations at this property conveniently located between the Texas Medical Center and Downtown Houston, Texas. Live amongst some of the finest resort style amenities, highly sought after, justly deserved. Once a way of life reserved for the influential and famous, this lifestyle can be yours at 5755 at Hermann Park Luxury Apartments. Bask in the sun at our custom designed eclectic pool or take a short walk to Hermann Park or the Museum District. Enjoy dining, shopping and world class entertainment within a short walk or drive from the property. Allow your vision to animate, inspire and transform your life purpose into action.Located in the city’s booming Texas Medical Center, the 5755 Hermann Park luxury apartments in Houston, TX maintain a premier address for both leisure and business. Featuring new contemporary apartment homes, 5755 Hermann Park is ideally located near Houston’s  best shopping, dining and employment centers – just minutes from the Texas Medical Center, Hermann Park, the Houston Museum District, Rice Village,NRG Stadium and Downtown Houston, Texas.  Enjoy coming home to your very own gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors and glass mosaic backsplashes. At 5755 Hermann Park, we offer premium amenities including a fully-equipped conference & business center, state-of-the-art fitness center, pool, outdoor kitchen, and entertainment room. If you are looking to upgrade your lifestyle, look no further than 5755 Hermann Park luxurious Texas Medical Center apartments.Within 5755 Hermann Park upscale rental community, we also offer superb amenities including a state-of-the-art business & conference center with copier and computer. For your convenience, we feature Wi-Fi in all common areas and a community coffee bar. Our pet-friendly Houston, Texas apartments also include professionally landscaped grounds and a social calendar with monthly activities for all residents!  Included is a complimentary shuttle for all Comfortable Home occupants!  Schedule a tour of our community today and see for yourself what makes 5755 Hermann Park the best apartments in Houston, Texas.

Miller Outdoor theater in Hermann Park

Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park is unique in Houston, Texas near the Texas Medical Center.  There is an eight month season of professional entertainment that is artistically excellent, culturally diverse and always FREE of charge to the public. This is the largest “always free” program of its kind in the country!  The weather in Houston, Texas can be perfect in May for you and your family to get out and enjoy one of these wonderful events that take place right on the edge of the Texas Medical Center.  With over 100 fully furnished apartments near the Texas Medical Center, Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments can make a long weekend or an extended stay to enjoy Hermann Park super convenient.  In fact, several properties including the new 5755 Hermann park are across the street so you and your family can walk to the show and afterwards come back to your temporary fully furnished apartment through Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments.  So get out there and enjoy one of the top attractions in Houston Texas near the Texas Medical Center and give us a call at 832-295-0588 if we can help with your fully furnished apartment needs!

Baseball Season in Houston, Texas

The crack of the bat, the peanuts and cracker jacks, the sound of a roaring crowd! Baseball season is back and the Houston Astros are poised to have a great season. With Minute Maid park located in downtown Houston, Texas, Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments offers some great locations between the Texas Medical Center and Downtown for your nightly stays. Why drive all the way back out to the suburbs when you can stay in a fully furnished apartment between the Texas Medical Center and Downtown.

Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments offers luxury apartments such as the new 5755 Herman Park! Conveniently located between the Texas Medical Center and Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, this property is perfect for Baseball fans, business, or those who want to enjoy being in the museum district area! This property is perfect! So take me out to the ball game and buy me a furnished apartment to relax in after… I don’t know if I’ll ever come back!

March Madness!

It is that time of year again where college basketball is king and everyone is watching their brackets.  This year is special for Comfortable Home furnished apartments as The Final Four is in Houston, Texas at NRG near the Texas Medical Center!  The Final Four this year is In Houston on April 2-4.  All the #1 seeds are still alive as the sweet 16 kicks off this week.  Choosing a fully furnished apartment with Comfortable Home in Houston, Texas near the Texas Medical Center and NRG is a great alternative to a hotel when you come to enjoy one of the best events in college sports!  So whether you are rooting for the #1 seed or the cinderella team, come on down to Houston and stay in a fully furnished apartment near the Texas Medical Center only blocks from NRG.  Enjoy the space a fully furnished apartment provides over a hotel and feel like you are at home as you watch all the replay action of the final four with cable and wifi provided!

Houston Livestock show and Rodeo

Howdy folks! It is that time of year once again! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is in full swing in Houston Texas near the Texas Medical Center. For those of you that are not familiar with this annual tradition, The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, also called RodeoHouston or abbreviated HLSR, is one of the largest live entertainment and livestock exhibitions. It also includes one of the richest regular-season rodeo events. It has been held at NRG stadium in Houston, Texas, since 2003. It is considered to be the city’s “signature event” In 2013, attendance reached a record high of 2,506,238 people requiring over 30,000 volunteers.   With a concert line up for 20 days straight that is one of the best in the country, there is no wonder as to why millions of people visit the Rodeo near the Texas Medical Center in Houston every year.

To see the lineup visit One way to truly take in the experience is to rent a fully furnished apartment from Comfortable Home furnished apartments. With over 100 fully furnished apartments all within a mile of the Rodeo in Houston, there is no better way to relax after a full day of Rodeo action than to be back at your fully furnished apartment near the Texas medical center in just a few minutes after the Rodeo in Houston wraps up! So, head on down to Houston y’all and rent a fully furnished apartment near the Texas Medical Center and the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo for a knee slapping good time!

Elan Medical Center Houston Furnished Apartments Now Available!

After much anticipation, we are very proud to announce the availability of our fully furnished apartments at Elan Medical Center in Houston, Texas! Comfortable Home Houston brings our superb customer service and beautifully furnished homes to the convenience of Elan Medical Center – situated in the heart of the Houston Texas Medical Center.

The new Elan Medical Center fully furnished Houston apartments by Comfortable Home presents these unique property features:

  • Cyber Café
  • Four Spacious Study Rooms
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center with Pilates and Yoga Room
  • Outdoor Kitchen and Grills
  • Five Outdoor Eating Areas with Lushly Landscaped Courtyards
  • Tanning Room
  • Clubhouse and Lounge Area
  • Game Room
  • Pool for Laps and Lounging
  • Pet Park
  • Electronic Vehicle Charging Stations

When it comes to the most comfortable stay in Houston for patients, students and business professionals who are visiting the Houston Medical Center area, Comfortable Home Houston furnished apartments feature:

  • Spacious Open Floor
  • 10-Foot Ceilings
  • Bamboo Flooring
  • Large Walk-in Closets
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Whirlpool Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Space Saver Microwaves
  • Kitchen Island/Bar*
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Storage Closets
  • Garden Tubs and/or Stand-Up Showers
  • Bamboo Flooring or Stained Concrete Floors

Fully Furnished Lodging in The Houston Medical Center:

As your extended hotel short term and long term stay alternative, Comfortable Home Houston provides our customers with all of the comforts of being right at home. Enjoy having your own personal space, preparing a home cooked meal, completing laundry and much more! To learn about Comfortable Home Houston’s all-bills paid short term and long term lodging near the Houston Medical Center, contact one of our friendly representatives here.

Corporate Furnished Apartments Near Houston Galleria

Furnished apartments in Houston, Texas are the perfect extended stay hotel alternative for temporary and long term travel to Houston. Comfortable Home provides fully furnished corporate lodging in the Houston Galleria area, convenient to shopping, restaurants and business destinations near the Houston Galleria.

Why is Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments your Houston Corporate Lodging Solution?

Our furnished apartments provide an comfortable living arrangement with fully equipped kitchens, in home washer and dryer, spacious floorplans, and our all bills paid advantage. With Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments your stay in Houston will be enjoyable as you can unwind in your home with the personal space, relaxation, amenities and convenience that can’t be achieved with hotel living.

Short Term and Long Term Corporate Houston Apartments:

One of the benefits to staying with Comfortable Home in Houston is flexibility to meet your unique temporary lodging needs. We offer short term and long term furnished apartments in the Houston area. Whether you are traveling to Houston for a few days or will relocate to Houston for several months, Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments can accommodate your Houston extended stay needs.

What is the Best Place to Stay Near the Houston Medical Center?

When you’re planning a visit to the Houston, Texas medical center, options are key! You’ll want to make sure that your temporary living arrangements in the Houston Texas Medical Center area provide convenience to the hospitals, transportation – should you need it, and the amenities as well as necessities that will make your stay in Houston as enjoyable as possible.

Why Houston Medical Center Furnished Apartments are the Best Choice:

Our Houston Medical Center area fully furnished apartments make visiting the Houston Medical Center a comforting experience. Most patients and students are required to stay in Houston for days or even weeks at a time, making a hotel near the medical center a quick trip to feeling homesick – not to mention, the daily rates of hotels can be steep. Comfortable Home provides to Houston Medical center visitors a solution that simply feels more like home. Our fully furnished apartments are equipped with furnishings in every room, a fully functional kitchen for preparing home cooked meals, washers and dryers in every unit and even the simple things such as mops, brooms and trash bags. Plus, our Houston Medical center properties provide free parking, free WIFI, Cable TV and our all-bills-paid advantage.

Save money and make your stay near the Houston Medical Center more relaxing and more enjoyable for you and your family while. Call Comfortable Home Fully Furnished Apartments in Houston today to learn more about our furnished apartments and check availability for your travel plans.

A personal representative is available at


Where to Stay for Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo – Hotel Alternative

It’s Rodeo time in Houston! The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo attracts travelers from all over the world – which can cause the hotel shopping process to become hectic on visitors. The good news is, you have options!

Houston Rodeo Hotel Alternative

Comfortable Home has a variety of fully furnished apartments within close proximity of the Houston Rodeo at Reliant Stadium. Our 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom homes are fully equipped with all of the necessities and luxuries that will make your stay in Houston as enjoyable as possible. Relax with your own private space, cook in your own kitchen or unwind with the fabulous amenities available at Comfortable Home’s premiere properties near the Houston Rodeo. Short term stays are available with Comfortable Home Fully Furnished Apartments. Contact us at (832) 263-2585 for more information.

Need Extended Stay Options for Houston Rodeo Lodging?

Whether you’re work brings you to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo or you simply plan to stick around and catch all of the acts at the Houston Rodeo live concerts, Comfortable Home is your Houston extended stay hotel alternative! Why spend your evenings in a space-less hotel room when you can reserve a fully furnished apartment home?

Traveling to the Houston Rodeo with family?

You’ll love our spacious two bedroom furnished apartments equipped with living and dining rooms, full kitchens, washers and dryers and much more! Our properties are perfect for accommodating the entire family. Take a peak at some of our properties here then call us to reserve your furnished apartments for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Comfortable Home Furnished Apartments Presents New Houston Website

For ease of use and quick browsing, finding a fully furnished apartment in Houston is simplified with the new! Comfortable Home Fully Furnished Apartments specializes in providing visitors to the Houston area with an alternative to extended stay hotels. The new website is geared toward attracting medical center patients, business travelers and families with short-term lodging needs to the Comfortable Home Houston lodging solution!

Visit to locate properties now, explore Houston maps and browse photos of the beautiful fully furnished apartments by Comfortable Homes Fully Furnished Apartments in Houston, Texas