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Introducing Houston

The fourth-largest city in America – Houston is a cosmopolitan paradise and an award-winning hub for world-class dining opportunities, fine art, opulent hotels, shopping and vibrant nightlife scene. The high-powered, high-cultured and high-heeled metropolis has always something to do throughout the year.

The city of Houston is considered the corporate hub in Texas as the metropolis always hosts business conferences and corporate meetings. If you’re thinking of attend upcoming events in Houston, here is a few events to be held in July 2017 and should be planed accordingly:

1. Houston’s Professional Hangout

Scheduled to be held at Cafe 4212, Houston’s Professional Hangout is a leading destination for all industry professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Attending this event can give you an exceptional networking experience. The Houston’s Professional Hangout is promised to provide great music, an amazing environment, and discounts on a handful of advertising and marketing platforms to help you reach your target market. So, make your reservation now!

Important Details –
Event Name – Houston’s Professional Hangout
Venue – Cafe 4212, Almeda Road, Houston, TX
Date – June 28, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time – 6pm – 10pm CDT

2. Texas CME Conference

The Texas CME Conference is going to be hosted by the Texas Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (TACME) in Houston, Texas. The Texas Alliance for Continuing Medical Education (TACME) is a non-profit organization created to promote quality continuing medical education. It offers incredible opportunities for professional growth and development to commercial companies, individual professionals, and representatives of institutions involved in planning, implementing and supporting continuing medical education (CME) in Texas. This is why the organization will host a conference covering main areas like medical education and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Important Details
Event Name – Texas CME Conference
Venue – The Westin Houston, Memorial City, Houston, USA
Date – June 21 – June 23, 2017

3. 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference

The 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference is more than just a conference as it aims to encourage women and moms to start and grow a small business. Built with collaboration, networking, and real business suggestions, this conference will help women and moms to start and grow profitable ventures. The main objective of this event is to offer an innovative opportunity to learn tools and strategies to build dynamic and engaging businesses, leverage skill, network with other business professionals, and create profitable, sustainable business models. Apart from this, the 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference will honor some of the best business women in Houston.

Important Information
Event Name – 7th Annual Dare 2 Aspire Conference
Venue – Hotel Derek, Houston, TX
Date – June 25, 2017 (Sunday)
Time – 11 am – 3 pm

Final Consideration

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